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Veracruz Coffee Tour — January 17–24, 2007


Join the University of Vermont Educational and Cultural Tours and learn about fair trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee. Open to the public, this tour is for coffee enthusiasts, coffee professionals, students, environmentalists, and social justice advocates. Participants will gain hands-on experience and first-hand insight into the day-to-day reality of small coffee-producing families and their communities. Tour members will observe why coffee is related to some of the most urgent and critical issues of our times. Join us to see why seemingly unrelated subjects – from illegal immigration and illegal drugs, to the decline of migratory songbirds and the disintegration of farming communities in Latin America – all come together around coffee production and the cup of coffee we consumers choose to drink.
More info at Coffee to Go
$1445 plus airfare (after November 15, 2006)

Hotelito Desconocido


“Hotelito” is a small, luxurious, getaway intent on keeping the local environment as close to natural as nature intended. Solar energy supplies the power used to run the hotel. As evening approaches, candles light the guest rooms (each guest room is also supplied with a flashlight) and restaurant where dinner is served. Luminaries provide light along the pathways that weave throughout the resort.

Just sixty miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, “Hotelito” is located on a wetland estuary between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It is home to sea turtles and over 150 species of birds. As a guest, you will have the opportunity to closely view the birds, and, perhaps witness the baby sea turtles making their way to the sea for the first time.

As a luxury resort, all amenities are available for you. The difference here is how owner and creator Marcello Murzilli has chosen to deliver them; with care and attention to the natural surroundings, giving back to the local economy, and providing a truly enchanting off-the-grid resort. great green gives Hotelito 4 Big Green Thumbs Up!

For Rates, Reservations, all information visit: www.hotelito.com

Purchasing Carbon Offsets is now as easy as One, Two, Green


Great news for Green Travelers!! On August 28th, both Expedia.com and Travelocity, announced they are offering new options supporting responsible travel.

Expedia.com is now offering the option at checkout to purchase a TerraPass that funds enough clean energy to balance out the CO2 emissions caused by your flights.

Travelocity.com is offering a similar option at checkout with the proceeds going to Go Zero.

More information on TerraPass
More information on Go Zero



Treeflights.com is a new website that just launched with the great slogan “you fly – we plant”. For £10.00 (that’s $18.44 for you Yanks), Treeflights.com will plant a tree for you in one of three designated planting sites in Mid-Wales; Pantglas (Llanddewi Brefi), Ffos-y-ffin (Llanfair Clydogau) & Pant-y-pond wood (Llanybydder). They plant a variety of types of trees using standard organic principles. Often the saplings are tended with a mulch mat of recycled polythene. Plenty more info on their website at:


Kimpton: Care ~Comfort ~Style ~Flavor & Fun


Kimpton.jpgKimpton Hotels offer the treatment, service, and luxury you hope to find while on the road. You receive unexpected amenities like complimentary high-speed access, the availability of in-room spa services, tall rooms, yoga programs, pet friendliness, uniquely stocked snack, and minibars, and fine dining at an adjacent chef-driven restaurant. They deliver a superior level of guest services in a boutique-hotel setting.

Kimpton’s mission is to lead the hospitality industry in supporting a sustainable world, by continuing to deliver a premium guest experience through non-intrusive, high quality, eco-friendly products, and services. As part of their award-winning EarthCare program Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants have a company-wide commitment towards water conservation; reduction of energy usage; elimination of harmful toxins and pollutants; recycling of all reusable waste; building and furnishing hotels with sustainable materials and purchasing goods and services that directly support these principles. Kimpton takes pride in its social responsibility, supporting like-minded partners, and is a leader in ecological practices.

At present, there are 39 Kimpton Hotels with restaurants located across the United States and Canada. We at GreatGreenTravel give the folks at Kimpton Four Big Green Thumbs Way Up!

For more detail on the Earthcare Program and full reservation and destination details contact: www.kimptonhotels.com or call 1-800-KIMPTON

Maya Mountain Lodge & Tours


Located near San Ignacio in Belize’s Cayo District, Maya Mountain Lodge provides easy access to Belize’s rainforest, Maya ruins, and tropical reefs. Begin your day to the call of wild parrots and toucans in one of Maya Mountain Lodge’s regionally decorated private thatch or tile-roofed cottages… Enjoy abundant tropical flowers and renowned tropical cuisine served in an open-air dining room. Bird and wildlife watching from your porch. Refresh yourself in the swimming pool after an exciting day of adventure … and connect to island and beach experiences.
Lots of options available at http://www.travelbelize.com

International WWOOF Association


OrFrm.jpgThe International World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms Association (WWOOF) provides the venue for people around the world to learn first-hand about organic growing methods; enables both the organic farmers and volunteers to make organic farming a viable alternative; and, improves communications concerning the importance of organic farming in the world today.

Since its inception in 1971 London, WWOOF has grown to include the participation of some 43 different countries including Australia, China, America, and Finland.

Hosts listed through WWOOF are primarily pursuing a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Many are practicing Permaculture or Bio-dynamic growing methods. The farms vary from commercial to alternative co-operatives or communities.

The Independents listed may include non-organic, yet are in keeping with the general ethic of respect for the environment; exchange of knowledge & expertise, food & accommodation in exchange for help on a voluntary basis.

All necessary information is available at the WWOOF Website: http://www.wwoof.org/

US Servas – An International Host & Traveler Network of Peace Builders

Build peace while you travel!! Servas is a network established in 1948 and operates around the world. Member hosts and travelers work together to foster peace, goodwill, and mutual respect. As a Servas traveler, you may seek homestay exchanges with overnight host families typically for three days and two night using the host list as your guide, or meet with “day hosts,” who do not offer overnight accommodation but who are interested in meeting Servas travelers.

One may join either as a (day) host, a traveler, or both. Specific membership policies vary from country to country, but most countries including the US require new applicants to have a personal interview and orientation with a trained volunteer interviewer, who may also consider character references supplied by the applicant.

Servas was originally established with the goal of eradicating war and the social conflicts leading to war. Although Servas has pacifist roots, it has always welcomed anyone with a commitment to peace, recognizing that there are many avenues to achieving this objective. Recognizing that military personnel also sacrifice in the cause of peace, past and current members of the military are welcome.

As a traveler, there is no cost for lodging. The membership fee for a year will give you access to the international ($85.00) or domestic($50.00) network of more than 15,000 families and individuals spread over 125 countries on six continents.

More info at http://www.usservas.org

India Tiger Conservation Holiday

Tige2.jpgIf you are in reasonably decent shape, possess a keen interest, and a sense of humor as well as a desire for travel to a magical land, this could be just the trip you’ve been waiting for. In this intensive Ranger Programme, you’ll be given the opportunity to spend time with the mahouts and their elephants, meet local villagers and forest guards while you experience and practice all aspects of ecology, conservation, and life in the wild.

You will travel and work with guides in the day and night of the jungle. Here you will have a matchless opportunity to experience the night sounds of the jungle; the alarm calls oof the sambar and chital deer, the langur monkeys and the snort of the nilgai antelope, the eerie call of the Golden Jackal, and even perhaps the low moaning call of the tiger.

This Programme is planned and monitored to ensure maximum benefit in terms of cultural interaction, awareness, and understanding is achieved by both local people and participants. The environmental, social, and economic impact of the visit is assessed to avoid over-dependency.

Departure: This trips’ itinerary can be tailormade to suit your budget and arranged for your schedule convenience

Price: £1,875 (12 days) per person based on a twin share room basis, including flights from London Heathrow, U.K.

Contact: http://www.responsibletravel.com/Trip/Trip100034.htm

Amazon Lodge Explorers’ Inn


ExplorersInn.jpgThis well known Amazon rainforest eco-lodge and research station has been in operation for over 30 years. Located within the Tambopata Reserve, at Madre de Dios, in Peru it consists of seven candlelit palm-thatched bungalows and a central building that houses reception & dining room. Guests are provided a superb opportunity to learn about the Amazon rainforest in a warm and informal atmosphere. The lodge staff is made up of practicing biologists and environmentalists from around the globe and local guides.

There are 37km of well-marked trails from the lodge that allows for wonderful local sightseeing and exceptional birdwatching. There are some 600 species of birds and 1230 species of butterflies documented in the area.

Many group packages to choose from. From: Technorati

Contact: http://www.explorersinn.com/index.htm

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