Top 7 Things to See in North Island New Zealand

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Cruising, diving and hiking are just a few of the many activities people on North Island New Zealand enjoy. The climate is subtropical with rains and mild winters that rarely bring temperatures below 6 degrees Celsius. Choosing road trips or exploring near one of North Island’s twelve major cities, those on holiday find that the island has much to offer. Here are seven of the most popular attractions on North Island:

7 Top Attractions

Glow Worm Caves – Near Te Kuiti, the Waitomo Caves have glow worms that shine. When looking from a distance, the walls and ceiling of the caves appear to be studded with stars. Guides who know the caves well lead tours. To explore the interiors of the underground worlds, the guides can instruct and assist those who are not experienced cavers.

Koutu Boulders – In the Hokianga Harbour region on the northern tip of North Island, the Koutu Boulders are curiously arranged on the shore. The amazing assortment of natural, rounded rocks are phenomenal, and some are quite large. The public can explore them for free.

Mohaka River – Whitewater is found on the Mohaka River near Napier. Fantastic rafting tours are available with reputable companies that offer river guides, transportation to and from the river and all the equipment necessary. The river includes a good mix of rushes, slow and fast rapids and areas of calm waters.

Museum of New Zealand – In Wellington, the Museum of New Zealand has dramatic architecture, good exposure to New Zealand and some interactive exhibits. The large facility is free to the public, and touring to see everything could take at least an entire day.

Tongariro National Park – This vast park in the middle of the island has Mount Ruapehu, volcanoes and lands sacred to the Maori. The activities popular in Tongariro are quad bike riding, trekking, mountain hiking and more.

Waipoua Forest – Not far from the western coast to the north of Auckland, The Waipoua Forest is the place to find the tall and mighty Kaori trees. These amazing trees grow tall over hundreds of years. Walking tracks lead to the most famous of old growth kaori trees.

Whananaki Coastal Walk – In the Whangarei coastal region, the Whananaki Coastal Walk is a 5 kilometre track along a farm road that provides stunning views of the ocean and small islands near the shore. Directions and maps are available.

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