Ride through the trees of Thailand on an elephant trek tour

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Elephant trekking tours Thailand

The jungles of Thailand hide a variety of wonderful and wild animals. Lush plant life creates a feast for the eyes. To explore this area of the world is an unforgettable experience. But if you are going to explore the jungle, you might as well do it in style. Trek along on the back of an elephant with Khao Sok Overnight Eco Tours.

The tours combine the idea of camping in African national parks with a Thai tropical forest background. You’ll trek along the forest floor on the backs of elephants and camp in tailor-made tents set in the midst of the largest area of rainforest in Southern Thailand. All the while you’ll be learning about this delicate ecosystem and living an experience you won’t soon forget.

Several safari options are available. Go for a two-day or three-day Elephant Hills Jungle Safari and explore the mystery of the jungle. The tour will take you down the river on a canoe, have you riding an elephant through the dense jungle and learning about the elephants in the elephant camp. Sleep in a specially constructed safari tent and learn about the surrounding wildlife. Or else spend those days on the Elephant Hills Beach and Rainforest Nature Safari learning about the wonders of Phang Nga’s coastline. Enjoy lunch aboard a genuine Burmese Junk and go trekking on an elephant exploring your surroundings.

Think you might need a few more days to take it all in? There is a four-day option as well. Canoe down the scenic Sok River, while taking in the sights, scents and sounds of the jungle. There are various trekking routes available for all skill levels so just about any guest can participate. Back at base camp learn about this tropical environment, its inhabitants, the elephants, conservation efforts and maybe a secret Thai recipe or two.

Climb aboard an elephant on Khao Sok Overnight Safari Tours. Visit the Asia Direct website for more information.


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