PERU – Hiking the Inca Trail


Inca Trail This is classified as a “high altitude, moderate / strenuous hiking holiday”. Indeed! You’ll be traveling not only through time, but through several climatic and ecological zones as well on your way to reach Machu Picchu. You’ll ascend to altitudes of roughly 4,200 meters as your local guides lead you from camp to camp. The high-attitude wilderness is home to spectacular views along with many species of Andean birds and flora that you will have the opportunity to view.

Duration is 4-5 days excluding flights. Private treks can be arranged. As always, you will be contributing to the local economy through this vacation.

Daily departures except in the month of February. This trail hike should be booked 2-3 months in advance and at least 4 months in advance if you wish to travel between peak months of June and September. Prices vary depending on your departure location and number of people in the traveling party. From our friends at ResponsibleTravel. For full information and complete itinerary, CLICK:


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