Relax in the Celestun Biosphere

April 28th, 2017

Garza-tigre, Celestun Biosphere Reserve

Garza-tigre, Celestun Biosphere Reserve

Ever wonder about that point where the sun meets the sea on the horizon? Some people don’t have to wonder. They go there. It’s a place called The Celestun Biosphere Reserve in the Yucatan, Mexico. It’s a place where sun and sea fuse into a meld of rare and beautiful flora and fauna, mouth watering food and ultimate relaxation.

To take in the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, book a stay at the Hotel Eco Paraiso, a place that caters to eco-conscience living, rediscovering your inner self and a high quality and simplicity in its services.

Stay in and take a yoga class or experience what Hotel Eco Paraiso considers it’s avant-garde approach to personalized service, those simple touches like a heart made of shells in the inner garden of your bungalow or your name outlined in the sand on the beach outside your room.

Choose to explore and you’ll find some of the most spectacular wildlife. Celestun Biosphere Reserve is known for it’s flamingos but you’ll also find some of the rarest species of animals like the Bare-Throated Tiger Heron, with plumage which resembles the color and streaks of tigers. The pattern helps conceal the heron in the mangrove forests that are abundant in the Yucatan. But you’ll also see other rare birds like the Yucatan Wren, the Yucatan Bobwhite, the Black Catbird, and the Boat-billed Heron to name just a few.

You can also feel good about staying at The Hotel Eco Paraiso knowing it is considered a pioneer in the area of sustainable tourism because of it’s ecological methods of running its operation like solid and liquid separation, re-usage of water using biological filters and employing composting and organic gardening practices.

Find your inner self at Hotel Eco Paraiso on the Celestun Biosphere Reserve. Visit their website to get started.

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Hotelito Desconocido

April 27th, 2017

“Hotelito” is a small, luxurious, getaway intent on keeping the local environment as close to natural as nature intended. Solar energy supplies the power used to run the hotel. As evening approaches, candles light the guest rooms (each guest room is also supplied with a flashlight) and restaurant where dinner is served. Luminaries provide light along the pathways that weave throughout the resort.

Just sixty miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, “Hotelito” is located on a wetland estuary between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It is home to sea turtles and over 150 species of birds. As a guest you will have the opportunity to closely view the birds, and, perhaps witness the baby sea turtles making their way to the sea for the first time.

As a luxury resort, all amenities are available for you. The difference here is how owner and creator Marcello Murzilli has chosen to deliver them; with care and attention to the natural surroundings, giving back to the local economy, and providing a truly enchanting off-the-grid resort. GreatGreen gives Hotelito 4 Big Green Thumbs Up!

For Rates, Reservations, all information visit: www.hotelito.com

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