Enjoy the sounds of silence at Cape Cassini Wildnerness Retreat

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Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat
Everyone has wished at some point in their lives to “just get away from it all.” In actuality that seems like an impossibility but, that’s not always so. At Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat on Kangaroo Island, Australia, it is possible to join other guests as they commune with nature or commune with no one at all. Just you and maybe a few kangaroos and wallabies.

Enjoy watching the animals in their natural state or have some quiet time bushwalking the property. If you crave more of an educational experience take a guided tour with retreat owner David Welford. Everything at the Cape Cassini Wildnerness Retreat was designed to “tread lightly on the Earth.”

Built on a waffle pod concrete raft, the retreat features a passive energy design of rammed earth and stone walls. An appropriate roof overhang and lots of windows allow for warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. If that’s not impressive enough get a load of this, the retreat runs on a wind and solar powered energy system and the telephone is a radio transmitter and receiver. There’s also an organic orchard and vegetable garden. In essence there is no need to mix with the outside world while you are there unless you miss it enough to make contact!

For the true eco-tourist, there is an opportunity to do good for the environment as well by making it what the Cape Cassini Wildnerness Retreat calls a Working Holiday. The Working Holiday will help you get your green fix while adding a little of the green stuff to your pocket. You can save 50 percent off the Cape Cassini Wildnerness Retreat rates by devoting 2.5 hours a day during your stay “helping” run the retreat. Help out in the organic orchard, look for new trails and evidence of the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoos, collect firewood or debris on the beach, perform some weeding or help in other ways you see fit.

Whether you want to educate yourself on sustainable living or just get away from all the noise of the world, Cape Cassini Wildnerness Retreat has the accommodations.

Get away from it all at Cape Cassini Wildnerness Retreat.

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