Eco Volunteering in Hawai’i

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Eco-volunteering is a great way for people to contribute to solutions to the many ways the environment is being threatened. Where you can offer your brains and brawn in efforts to help with habitat restoration and environmental protection. Your reward for your hard work is not just the satisfaction of doing important and necessary environmental works but also by working in a paradise that rewards you with its beauty. The book, Preserving Paradise: Opportunities in Volunteering for Hawaii’s Environment, outlines a number of non-profit environmental volunteer opportunities for the various islands of Hawaii. These projects range from just a few hours up to those that require a commitment of up to three months. There are descriptions of the particular needs, how difficult the work is and what is involved, what the process is to volunteer, the difficulty level of the activities, and how to contact the various groups.

The author Kirsten Whatley states:

“Consider this an invitation, no matter your origin. Consider it a call to arms – and to hands and feet and backs and rakes and hoes and sweat. We all need a paradise to come home to. But we need to consider our impact on this paradise – more importantly, our responsibility to it.”

The opportunities she discusses in this wonderful book are a great starting point. Some of the projects include: the Hawaiian Island Humback Whale Sanctuary, Hawaiian Island National Wildlife Refuges, Reef Check Hawai’i, Sierra Club Hawai’i chapter, Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Native Hawaiian Plant Society, and many, many more.

Even if you are not sure you can commit to volunteering, this book is good for people considering a vacation in Hawai’i as it will help you respect the delicate environmental balance and needs of the Hawai’ian Islands. Here is a link to a site to get more information on eco-touring in Hawai’i. Another site can be found here.

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