Eco-luxury in Taos, New Mexico

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Taos, New Mexico is well known as a community and destination that welcomes artists, seekers of new age spirituality, and people who enjoy the fresh air and stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains. Once the El Monte Sagrado Resort Spa was built, this mountain town could also be known as a site for people looking for “eco-luxury”. I don’t think there’s really any other way to describe the level of comfort, pampering, and sustainable practices experienced by guests of this hotel.

The place really looks more like an interactive art gallery than a hotel. The buildings have soft curves that don’t intrude upon the environment, carved sculptures and different types of textured furniture are commonplace, and rooms have different themes with the appropriate furnishings and decorations. For example, guests who opt for the Egyptian Suite will share their room with an imitation sarcophagus and reproductions of paintings from the pyramids, whereas eager couples staying in the Kama Sutra suite are provided with a beautiful, hardwood bed carved with images from the Kama Sutra.

Guests who don’t want to pretend they are somewhere else will enjoy the much plainer (and sculptureless) Taos Mountain rooms. According to this cheaper option, brown, white, and a splash of turquoise are the official colors of Taos.

Honestly, though, the rooms do look seriously comfortable and the place does appear to follow a philosophy of living sustainable. Building materials included recycled fly ash, and solar and geothermal power are used for some of their energy needs. There is also “The Living Machine”, an “eco-structure” that reuses water with natural filters and purifiers, and a non-chlorinated pool purified by more eco-friendly means.

The resort-spa is also set in truly beautiful surroundings at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains so if guests somehow become tired of relaxation and rejuvenation, they can leave the grounds of this eco-luxury hotel and go for a hike or horseback ride up into the nearby, fragrant, Ponderosa Pine and Juniper forests.

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