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Visit the Italian Eco-Village of Damanhur

Monday, May 8th, 2017

The Federation Of Damanhur, or simply Damanhur, is an ecovillage and spiritual community in the Piedmont region of northern Italy near the city of Turin and also very close to the Gran Paradiso National Park. The commune has its own constitution and currency, the Credito.
Founded in 1975 by Oberto Airaudi, the Federation of Damanhur is an eco-society: a federation of communities and eco-villages with their own social and political structure in continual evolution. It started with around 24 followers, and had grown to 800 by the year 2000. The group holds a mix of New Age and neopagan beliefs.

The Damanhur community states on their website

“The movement to create ecovillages is perhaps the most comprehensive antidote to dependence on the global economy. Around the world, people are building communities that attempt to get away from the waste, pollution, competition and violence of contemporary life. The Global Ecovillage Network links several of these communities worldwide.”

The settlements of the Federation in the area of Valchiusella extend across more than 1,200 acres of territory which includes woodland, farmland, residential areas with around a hundred private dwellings, arts workshops, craft studios, businesses and farms. Damanhur has centres in Italy, Europe and Japan and collaborates with spiritual and community groups throughout the world.

Damanhur is perhaps known most for its Temples of Humankind, an underground work of hand made art. The Halls of Water, Earth, Spheres, Mirrors, Metals, the Blue Temple, and the Labyrinth. Damanhur offers courses and events all year round and it is possible to visit at any time, for short or long stays, they also have 3 Day and 7 Day programs twice a month through June. For more information please see their visit and courses center website.

An excellent read for more information is the

The Traveler’s Guide to Damanhur: The Amazing Northern Italian Eco-Society

Here is an interesting first part of a series of YouTube videos on the Damanhur

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Sunday, May 7th, 2017

willow.jpgTreeflights.com is a new website that just launched with the great slogan “you fly – we plant”. For £10.00 (that’s $18.44 for you Yanks), Treeflights.com will plant a tree for you in one of three designated planting sites in Mid-Wales; Pantglas (Llanddewi Brefi), Ffos-y-ffin (Llanfair Clydogau) & Pant-y-pond wood (Llanybydder). They plant a variety of types of trees using standard organic principles. Often the saplings are tended with a mulch mat of recycled polythene. Plenty more info on their website at:


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