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The Black Sheep Inn – Ecuador

Saturday, April 15th, 2017

The Black Sheep Inn is a home-spun ecological guesthouse and farm high in the rural Ecuadorian Andes. Stunning Scenery. Horseback, Hiking, Biking, Sauna, and Permaculture.

The Black Sheep Inn
PO Box 05-01-240
Chugchilan, Cotopaxi, Ecuador
South America
Contacts: Michelle Kirby & Andres Hammerman
Phone: (593-3) 814-587



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Ecovita- the Ecuadorian organic farm and campsite

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Ecovita calls itself an “organic farm and campsite” and I suppose that’s one way to put it but it’s really more than that. I would perhaps describe it as an “eco-tent camp on an organic farm” or maybe even “the place where eco-tourism meets organic farming in Ecuador”. I think this last description might best sum up the unique experience known as Ecovita.

Situated in the Ecuadorian mountains above Guayaquil, the fresh, cool air of Ecovita is a welcome change from this hot, huge coastal city. Visitors stay in comfortable tents and are welcome to explore the subtropical gardens and grounds of Ecovita as well as learn about their organic farming projects.

Ok, so the tents won’t be as comfortable as the 1,000 thread count sheets tucked into a double mattress orthopedic bed but adequately thick mattresses and warm sleeping bags are provided to guests and a few rustic cabins are also available. The sleeping arrangements make Ecovita more suitable for hardy and/or younger travelers but it’s also exactly the type of place that eco-conscious, adventurous souls would not want to miss on a trip to Ecuador.

It’s also the perfect place for such a breed of traveler to volunteer and Ecovita happily takes on people willing to give of their time and work on the farm. I’m not sure if this is what volunteers do but I strongly suspect it to be the case because the owners and workers of Ecovita are such big proponents of eco-friendly farming and could probably use the help at all times.

Whether one volunteers at Ecovita or stays there for a short visit, there are also other things to see and do than organic farming. Guided hikes are available to nearby tropical waterfalls and horseback riding is accompanied by beautiful Andean mountain scenery. Birdwatching, butterflying, looking for orchids, and exploring the tropical nature of the area are also possible activities.

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