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Sunday, May 7th, 2017

willow.jpgTreeflights.com is a new website that just launched with the great slogan “you fly – we plant”. For £10.00 (that’s $18.44 for you Yanks), Treeflights.com will plant a tree for you in one of three designated planting sites in Mid-Wales; Pantglas (Llanddewi Brefi), Ffos-y-ffin (Llanfair Clydogau) & Pant-y-pond wood (Llanybydder). They plant a variety of types of trees using standard organic principles. Often the saplings are tended with a mulch mat of recycled polythene. Plenty more info on their website at:


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SEE Turtles – Ocean Conservancy conservation tourism campaign

Monday, May 1st, 2017

Helping to protect sea turtles while helping residents to value sea turtles is the mission of the Ocean Conservancy group, SEE Turtles. With a mandate of positive impact (as opposed to low impact), SEE Turtles provide turtle watching guidelines to international communities offering conservation tourism and help travelers to use their vacation dollars to make a difference for sea turtles and for the livelihood of community residents who protect them. The SEE Turtles program provides a positive venue for tourists to learn about sea turtles in their natural habitat while slowly turning communities from hotbeds of turtle poaching to environments supported by sea turtle conservation tourism. Ocean Conservancy is striving to protect the turtles with the money made by viewing them as well as generate income for the local economies.
Currently programs are offered in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Costa Rico, and Trinidad.
More info available at SEE Turtles

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