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“BE the CHANGE you want to SEE in the WORLD”

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

recycled metal
Sustainable Energy in Motion Bicycle Tour – tours are set up for traveling one, two, or three weeks. Riders will visit organic farms, a land trust, a visionary community school, and also have an opportunity to join in on several educational hands-on activities with Oregon’s best nature building communities. The tours are designed to challenge and inspire, empower with knowledge of what is possible, and facilitate incredible social change. A third to half of the time is spent biking with the rest spent in discussion, doing service projects or resting from all the riding! By exploring Oregon on a bicycle, you can use your time pedal-powering to change the world.
Online at Democracy Bike

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Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Estatehouse If you’re on St. Lucia, have been working yourself to the bone and need a break from it all, click the link below.

The Balenbouche Estate, a family owned property and St. Lucia Heritage Site, is a former sugar cane plantation. Under the care and management of the Lawaetz family since 1965, it has been constantly developing into a desirable tourism destination for the island.

Through the use of low tech (fans rather than a/c, mosquito nets instead of screens), solar water heating, re-directed rainwater, and conservation a very natural level of comfort is achieved. They have worked to enhance their environmental, conservation, and alternative energy programs with the goal of becoming largely self-sufficient in the near future.

The community involvement and educational projects sponsored and or supported by Balenbouche are a very strong part of what makes this a special place to be (see their “activities” page at link below). They’re working hard for responsible tourism and we give them our green thumbs up!

For Information and Booking, CLICK: http://www.balenbouche.com

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