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Get cozy with nature at Tree House Backpackers Lodge

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Treehouse Backpackers Lodge

There is a place where nature reigns supreme and visitors leave little trace of their presence. Where the sun rises and sets quietly as to not disturb the peace it shines upon. Getting back to nature is easy at The Tree House Backpackers Lodge in Hokianga, North Island, New Zealand.

The name should be the first clue that this is a no-nonsense eco-accommodation, The Tree House Backpackers Lodge; you can’t get more explanatory than that. But the lodge lives up to its name however, with subtropical gardens, forest and woodlands to explore, contemplate or just loose yourself.

The place is a retreat style eco-lodge that encompasses simplicity at its best. It’s rustic with wood décor and details that borrow from the natural beauty that surrounds the lodge. Though there is the convenience of a kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities they are all located in the main lodge, and in communal style, are shared by all guests.

Located on Northland’s Twin Coast Discovery Highway between Cape Reinga and the Waipoua Kauri forest, The Tree House Backpackers Lodge provides a variety of accommodations for travelers wanting to tent camp, use a camper van or stay in a cabin, while enjoying the natural surroundings. When not exploring the natural surroundings of Hokianga Harbour check out the nearby art galleries, beaches, and historic locales.

For travelers really wanting to commune with nature however, there is enough of that on the grounds to keep any nature lover busy. Photograph the wild plant life, take in the activities of local “critters” or just sit on a picnic table and enjoy the peace of being in a place of unobtrusively observing nature.

There’s a time to explore nature and there’s a time to be one with it. For travelers looking to be an inconspicuous part of their surroundings The Tree House Backpackers Lodge is a great choice.

To learn more about The Tree House Backpackers Lodge visit their website.

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Luxury in one of the wildest rain forests of Central America

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Honduras has been catching up to other eco-destinations in Central and South America as entrepreneurs realize the potential of this country’s large areas of lowland rain forests, gorgeous coral reefs, and jade-green cloud forests. Intact ecosystems are what eco-travelers want to experience and this is what they will find in Honduras. Sure, they will also come across animal-empty banana fields and deforested areas but they will definitely have the chance to visit beautiful, untouched tropical habitats.

Some, roadless areas of the country still require major expeditions to adequately explore them but why do that when you can stay at the Pico Bonito Lodge? You will need a fair amount of money to do so but no more than what you would pay for staying at comfortable hotels in other parts of the world. Most of those other hotels also probably aren’t situated in a lush, rain forest valley filled with colorful birds and exotic animals.

Guests stay in beautiful large, furnished rooms because the lodge was built with comfort in mind, but they will also see dozens of species of birds and other wildlife because it was also designed for this purpose. The nearby rain forest is always in view through large, open windows and balconies, and highly trained local guides are on hand to help visitors see things like colorful Keel-billed Toucans, the incredible blue and purple Lovely Cotinga, Blue-crowned Motmots, Tayras (a large weasel), Coatis, Sloths, tree-frogs, and much more. Birders and non-birders alike will also love the lodge’s canopy platform for the rare glimpse it provides into this little explored level of the forest.

When guests tire of hanging out and relaxing at the lodge and canopy tower, they can hike trails that access the huge Pico Bonito National Park, including one that heads right up to the “Pico Bonito” (Pretty Peak) itself. All hiking should be done with a local guide because despite the comforts of the lodge, this is a true rain forest wilderness that harbors venomous snakes, jaguars (rarely seen but present), and the greatest danger in the forest, the chance to get lost.

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