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The visionary Inn Serendipity Bed and Breakfast in Browntown, Wisconsin

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Living and thriving in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner requires a great deal of innovation, creativity, and courage in the modern, industrial world. Two people that embody this way of thinking are the owners of the Inn Serendipity Bed and Breakfast in Browntown, Wisconsin. Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko don’t just talk the talk about eco-living. They also walk the walk and it doesn’t look like their shoes will be wearing down any time soon.

They are strong proponents of including the role that nature plays when doing business (and have written books about the subject) and thus refer to themselves as “ecopreneurs” and “bioneers”. Perhaps the best (and certainly the most comfortable) way to learn more about their ideas and strategies for living and working in such an eco-conscious manner is to stay at their bed and breakfast.

The place may look like other small, quaint, country inns but beneath the surface, this is one seriously green endeavor. Everything in the hotel is powered by renewable energy sources, the food is vegetarian and mostly comes from their organic garden, and they are always coming up with new, green ideas to improve their inn.

One of their latest projects has been changing an old granary into “an active solar heated straw bale greenhouse”. The hoped for end result of this project probably has such a long descriptive name because it’s the first of its kind. They hope to use it so they and guests of the Serendipity Inn can enjoy tropical fruits like papayas and carambola as winter snows blankets the surrounding countryside.

Even if one doesn’t stay at the inn, it sounds like it would still be a worthwhile destination to see what will hopefully be the wave of the future in action. The inn is described as a “demo home” for sustainable living so the owners would probably be willing to show visitors how they converted an old farm house into a carbon neutral dwelling.

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