Bathhurst Inlet Lodge

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Bathurstinletaerial This is perhaps the first ever “ecolodge.” Bathhurst Inlet Lodge, located on the Central Arctic Coast in Nunavut is the perfect place for greatgreentravelers to immerse themselves in the virtually untouched beauty of our land while supporting the people who live there.

During the brief summer season the area is rich with life. Over 80 species of birds are present, with more migratory sightings. An abundance of mammals like muskox, caribou, and barrenground grizzlies roam. Wildflowers come out by the thousands to celebrate the sun! The arctic land is host to vast geological wonders and awe inspiring views of waterfalls, gorges, canyons, and eskers.

The lodge is co-owned by the Warner family and the Kingaunmuit people, the indigenous Inuit residents of Bathurst Inlet. The history of this lodge is long and exciting, culminating in its present state of partnership. After your long and eventful day on the tundra you’ll be treated to a great meal and to story sharing.

Departures are out of Yellowknife. There are five 1-week programs scheduled beginning June 26-July 02 through July 20-26. Reservations are still being accepted, I just checked.

For reservations and full booking information, CLICK: www.bathurstinletlodge.com/

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