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Central Coast Outdoors

So many tour operators claim to be green these days. Most of them make efforts to mitigate the impacts of their operations, but a few go above and beyond. Meet Central Coast Outdoors. A eco-friendly way to experience all your favorite activities while being kind to Mother Nature.

In an effort to offset the carbon footprint left by its tour operations, Central Coast Outdoors analyzed its entire operations and made some significant changes. Smaller tours now use a 2008 Toyota Prius, solar electric panels were installed in the office as was an Energy Star refrigerator for storing food. Central Coast Outdoors also buys food locally to offset the effort it takes to move food to market. The business also supports many other nonprofits that are working to make a difference in the environment. The result of those moves is a tour operation that is true to its word about being on an eco-friendly mission.

But eco-friendly doesn’t mean there is a shortage of fun. Central Coast Outdoors provides several tours of the California Central Coast. Kayak through Morro Bay, hike or bike through Big Sur, take a wine country tour or a family vacation. California’s Central Coast is an area with breathtaking vistas, fabulous wine and incredible beaches. Looking for a relaxing tour? Central Coast Outdoors has several private walking tours. Central Coast Outdoors guarantees you will get your own private guide for the tour, allowing you to customize or change aspects of the tour as you wish. See elephant seals or snowy plovers, sea otters and heron or change your mind and take pictures of the old lighthouse. Or simply take in the views of steep cliffs, breaking waves and wild flowers on the hills.

Visit California’s Central Coast without leaving a footprint. Get started with Central Coast Outdoors.

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